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Sarah’s Favorite Things, Episode 4

Hey! I just remembered I have a blog. What do you know…? Let’s see how long I keep this up. If my track record is any indicator, I’ll say not long.

So, my favorite things. I do still have the pictures I took so let me see which one I want to use next. Favorite Things 020

Buttons! I love buttons. Not just any buttons, but old buttons. I got these from my Grandma. I have added one or two over the years, but not many. I always tell myself I’ll do something crafty with them. I now have a Pinterest board to keep up with all of the craft ideas that I’ll never do. So instead of craft buttons, they are decorative buttons. At least when they aren’t in storage.

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Sarah’s Favorite Things, Episode 3

This is one of my original pieces of artwork by The Chicken Man – a local artist named Ernest Lee.  He paints a lot of chickens and people buy them because of the USC Gamecocks.  He also paints palmetto trees and other stuff, like crabs.  I also like crabs, which is why I bought this particular painting.  The fact that the board it was painted on is warped and won’t lay flat is just part of its folksy charm.

One of my palmetto tree paintings (not pictured, obviously) also has a flamingo painted on the back of it.  He wanted to charge me extra for that, but decided against it.  He will give you a better deal if you have cash.  Last time I bought something from him he asked me out, so maybe it’s not the fact that I have cash, but if I were you, I’d bring cash. Or me.

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Sarah’s Favorite Things, Episode 2

This is the second of a series in which I share some of my favorite things with you.  Like Oprah, only not.

This is a small set of nesting dolls from Iran.  They are a favorite because 1) I got them from a very good friend and 2) how can they not be?  They are too cute.  I love the colors and the flowers on the big one.  Unlike other favorite things, I don’t think you can get these anywhere.  Well, maybe Iran, but I’m not sure.  And I don’t plan to go there to find out.  So you will just have to enjoy mine from afar!

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Sarah’s Favorite Things, Episode 1

I haven’t been blogging lately, but today I had a great idea.  Like Oprah, I should share some of my favorite things with you.  Please note that I am not Oprah and therefore, if you like what I show you, you’ll have to get it for yourself.

Behold, the Cherikee Red!  This is THE BEST cherry soda ever.  I used to drink this during the summers when I’d stay with my grandparents in West Virginia.  If you live in PA, like my brother, you can probably find Cherikee Red in the stores.  If you don’t, too bad for you, cause you aren’t going to find it anywhere else.  Are favorite things supposed to make you sad? Hmmm…

However, if you live near me, and if I happen to have some (gifted to me by said brother), and if I’m willing to share from my supplies, I might let you try a can.  Maybe.


The One Where I Post Again

I should start posting again. I think I will.

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The One with Another View

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The One with a View

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The One That’s Creepy

Weston State Hospital.  My Great Aunt was hospitalized here for several years and received electro-shock therapy.  It closed in 1994 and has been purchased by a man who hopes to renovate it and keep it open for historic and paranormal tours.  Read more about it here.

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The One With Pretty Flowers

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